What Kinds of Products Does Nabisco Make?


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Nabisco Food Group produces many of the most popular snack brands in the United States, including Triscuit, Honey Maid and Ritz crackers, Oreo, Chips Ahoy and Nilla cookies, Fig Newtons, Premium Saltines and Swedish Fish candies. Nabisco merged with Kraft Foods in 2000, but the snack-food portion of the business split off to become Mondel?z International LLC in 2011.

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In the United States, Mondel?z International still sells many snack-food brands under the name Nabisco, but the same packaged foods carry the Christie brand in Canada and Kraft in many other countries.

Mondel?z International has acquired many other classic brands to join the existing line of Nabisco products, including Cadbury chocolates, Dentyne and Trident gum, Tang breakfast drink and Halls cough drops.

Nabisco's first product was pilot bread, a type of biscuit made to last on long sea voyages. In 1901, the company began making a sugar wafer called Nabisco. Much of the manufacturer's early success came from its innovative packaging. The first product sold in a sealed stay-fresh package was the peanut sandwich packet in 1924. During World War II, Nabisco's innovative packaging proved useful to the U.S. government, which used the design for K-rations for American troops fighting overseas.

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