What Kinds of Products Are Made by Dearborn?

What Kinds of Products Are Made by Dearborn?

Dearborn brand makes a variety of meat products such as hams, gluten-free hot dogs, jerky, sausage and lunch meats. The company also produces hot dog chili sauce, a variety of mustards, horseradish, sauerkraut and pierogies.

Dearborn offers a big variety of hot dogs in several categories. For example, all-beef franks include all-beef natural casing franks and all-beef skinless franks. Beef and pork franks include 1904 hot dogs, 1904-style wieners, skinless franks and natural casing franks.

Dearborn makes three types of pierogies, including pierogies with potatoes and cheddar, pierogies with potatoes and onions and sauerkraut pierogies.

The company offers a large selection of jerky and mini stix jerky; these products are available in several flavors.

The company makes several types of hams, including spiral-sliced ham, boneless ham, old-fashioned ham and ham steak.

Some other products that Dearborn produces include dark and white hurka, Dutch dawgs, pickled bologna and large snack packs.

Dearborn Sausage Company was founded by Victor Kosch in 1946 and is located in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn Company mainly sells products to business insiders such as national brand private label accounts, different distributors, hotels, golf clubs and restaurants. However, their products are for purchase online and in many retail locations in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Canada