What Kinds of Prepared Foods Can You Buy at a Walmart Deli Counter?

What Kinds of Prepared Foods Can You Buy at a Walmart Deli Counter?

Walmart deli counters sell pastas, salads, snack wraps, coleslaw and cheese ravioli, as of 2016. The deli counters also sell pot pies, soups, tofu, rice and baked beans. The deli counter offers various prepared food brands, such as Walmart Deli, Bob Evans, Marketside, Ready Pac and Ballard’s Farm.

Walmart deli counters sell a variety of prepared food items, including Bob Evans loaded mashed potatoes, Walmart Deli macaroni salad, Marketside cheesy breadsticks, Morningstar Farms veggie bacon strips and Walmart Deli Amish potato salad. Other prepared food items at the deli include Marketside five-cheese ravioli, Reynaldo’s red hot jumbo burrito, Ready Pac Foods Santa Fe-style salad and Nasoya organic extra-firm tofu.

The Walmart Deli coleslaw contains ingredients such as cabbage, carrots, sugar, mayonnaise and vinegar. Consumers should keep the product refrigerated. The Walmart Deli baked bean dish includes prepared white beans, spices, ketchup, beef in broth, crushed tomatoes and apple cider vinegar.

The Bob Evans loaded mashed potato dish includes mashed potatoes with sour cream, bacon, pepper jack cheese and chives. The product is microwaveable and offers up to four servings. Other ingredients in the dish include potatoes, butter, margarine, milk and onion.

The Walmart deli also sells sandwiches, pizzas, cheeses, condiments and frozen meals.