What Kinds of Potatoes Make Good Potato Salad?


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Potatoes that make good potato salad are Yellow Finn, Yukon Gold and red. These potatoes have waxy skin and do not disintegrate when they are chopped and mixed with other ingredients.

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What Kinds of Potatoes Make Good Potato Salad?
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Each of these potato varieties notes a pleasing mouthfeel when cold.

Yellow Finn potatoes are oval potatoes with a brownish-yellow skin, yellow flesh and a nearly sweet flavor. As their name suggests, they were bred in Finland.

Yukon Gold potatoes were developed in Canada, and are known for their golden color and thin skin. The eyes are shallow and just slightly pink.

Red potatoes are rounder and tend to be smaller than the yellow potatoes. They have a mildly sweet flavor due to a moderate amount of sugar.

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