What Kinds of Meats Are Usually Found in a Deli?


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Meats that are usually available in a deli include salami, chorizo, mortadella and pancetta. Other types of meats include types of prosciutto, Serrano ham and pepperoni.

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What Kinds of Meats Are Usually Found in a Deli?
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Additional meat common in a deli are different types of bolognas and wursts, including liverwurst. Deli meats also include pastrami, turkey breast, chicken and beef products.

Salami, or salame, is a type of Italian sausage that's been flavored with herbs and cured. Salami can be made of pork, veal or beef. It gets its name from the salt used to cure it; the Italian word for salt is sale.

Chorizo is similar to salami, but is of Spanish origin. It's also flavored with herbs, including smoked paprika. Paprika is what gives chorizo its red color. Pepperoni is also a type of sausage that's made with pork, beef or both, mixed with spices, then cured.

Mortadella is a deli meat made of pork and pork fat. Flecks of pork fat are visible, and it also contains slivers of pistachio, olives or peppercorns. Pancetta is bacon derived from the belly of the hog, then dry-cured with spices. Prosciutto comes from the pork leg, and is a type of ham. It is left to cure in a cool place for as long as three years before it's used.

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