What Kinds of Items Can You Buy at Hmart Korean Market?


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H Mart Korean markets sell prepared foods, snacks, ready-made goods, fresh produce, dairy, meat and seafood. H Mart stores also sell personal care items, supplies for children and home goods, including appliances.

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H Mart began in 1986 as an Asian food supplier and focuses primarily on grocery items. In its stores, which operate in the United States, Canada and England, customers can find noodles, side dishes, grains and rice. The extensive collection of snacks includes sweet and savory goods like crackers, chocolate bars and onion rings. Shrimp crackers and tako chips, flavored like octopus, are some of the savory snacks in H Mart's aisles. Customers might also find sweet potato chips, baked bean cakes, crispy rolls, red bean paste, Korean popcorn and dried squid. Sweet items include cacao cakes and chocolate biscuits, along with tiramisu and gosomi snack crackers. H Mart carries chocolate mint wafers, Margaret rolls and Korean cookies, along with individual packaged pies and rice snack bars.

H Mart carries traditional Japanese foods as well. It stocks traditional packaged goods along with frozen foods and organic products. H Mart offers fresh fruits, fish and vegetables, which are available for delivery in New York City. H Mart also carries spices, sauces and condiments and has a line of appliances to facilitate home cooking. Customers can purchase H Mart items at physical stores and on the company's website.

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