What Are Some Kinds of Italian Breads?

What Are Some Kinds of Italian Breads?

What Are Some Kinds of Italian Breads?

Some common Italian breads include ciabatta, focaccia, fragguno and pandoro. Some Italian breads not easily found in the United States include Pane di Altamura DOP, Penia and Taralli.

Ciabatta bread is one type of Italian bread most Americans are familiar with. It is made with wheat flour and yeast, and it is a long, flat type of bread that is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Focaccia bread is similar to pizza dough. It is a flat bread that is typically seasoned with things like olive oil and Italian herbs and spices.

Italians typically bake fragguno bread on Good Friday and eat it during their Easter Sunday meal. Fragguno is usually stuffed with things like cheese, eggs and salami.

Pandoro is a sweet bread usually served on Christmas Day. Typically made into the shape of an eight-point star, this bread is topped with vanilla icing, which is meant to look like snow.

Pane di Altamura DOP is homemade and then taken to a professional baker who bakes the bread with the family's initials carved into the dough, ensuring the dough goes back to the right family.

Penia bread is an Easter bread that often has lemon, anise or sugar added to the dough.

Taralli can be sweet or savory and has a unique texture because it is boiled before baking. Common seasonings added to taralli bread include fennel, onion and garlic.