What Kinds of Food Did People From the Gabrielino Tribe Eat?

The Gabrielino tribe ate different types of fish, sea mammals and sea birds. They gathered wild plants such as acorns, sage and berries. They also ate the sweet fruits and the succulent leaves of the prickly pear cactus.

Sea food such as tuna, sharks, shellfish and swordfish were popular among the Gabrielino. They gathered rock scallops, limpets, sea urchins and mussels along the rocky shores. Other popular sea foods included elephant seals, sea otters, harbor seals and sea lions.

Members of the Gabrielino tribe who lived away from the coast gathered berries, sage, pine nuts, fruits and beans. Other foods that they gathered included caterpillars, wild oats, jicamas and tule roots. They also gathered acorns and ground them into flour that they used to bake bread or as a thickener for soup. They roasted and ground chia seeds into meal, which they mixed with water. They ate the leaves and fruits of the edible cactus. They ground the seeds of the edible cactus fruit and them made into meal. They used Indian lettuce in stews and salads.

The men of the Gabrielino tribe hunted deer, rabbits and small rodents for food. They also hunted different kinds of snakes and birds. Other animal foods included coyotes, squirrels, skunks and badgers. They also ate grasshoppers after roasting them on a stick over a fire.