Why Kinds of Food Contain High Levels of Oestrogen?


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Apples, baker's yeast, carrots, olive oil and pomegranates are some foods that help to boost levels of estrogen. Additionally, potatoes, beans, rice, tomatoes and seeds such as sesame, sunflower and flaxseed are natural estrogen boosters.

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Foods containing phytoestrogens support the elevation of estrogen in the body, reducing symptoms of menopause and promoting overall health. Phytoestrogens are converted to estrogen when absorbed by the body, and can be obtained by either lignans or isoflavones. Lignans are plant hormones found in fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. Isoflavones are similar to estrogen hormones and found in many dairy, grain and soy products. Some meats carry phytoestrogens when the animals are fed foods carrying these hormones, such as grasses and grains. Some herbs also provide phytoestrogen, such as sage, thyme, red clover, turmeric and liquorice.

Estrogen's health benefits include regulating menstrual cycles as well as promoting hair, bone, skin, muscle and heart health. Estrogen levels wane during menopause, causing many women to suffer adverse health effects which can be alleviated by boosting levels of estrogen production through a variety of healthy foods.

Those trying to boost estrogen through natural sources should exercise caution when ingesting xenoestrogens, which are found in many pesticides, fertilizers, cosmetics, medications and other chemicals. Xenoestrogens are synthetic hormones that have many times more potency than natural hormones, and may cause a spike of estrogen, hormonal imbalance and illness.

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