What Kinds of Cakes Does Wal-Mart Offer?


Some of the cakes offered at Wal-Mart include marble sliced loaf cake, red velvet pound cake, red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and golden cake with coconut filling. Chocolate fudge cake, German chocolate cake with fudge icing, triple chocolate cake and other popular chocolate cakes are also available.

Wal-Mart also sells an decorated cakes in a variety of unique and creative styles. The rainbow blast with vanilla buttercreme icing cake is attractively decorated, with white icing and sprinkled colorful toppings. The camo blast cake has a camouflage theme, decorated with green toppings and sprinkles on chocolate frosting. Gooey butter cake and pumpkin cream cheese cakes are other types of cakes that Wal-Mart stores sell from time to time.

Wal-Mart sells various fruit-flavored cakes, such as strawberry creme cake, blueberry streusel pound cake, orange cranberry pound cake and multiberry Greek yogurt sliced loaf cake. The selection of smooth and sweet creme cakes that Wal-Mart sells include golden caramel creme cake, vanilla creme cake, sugar-free sliced lemon creme cake and Italian creme cake. Some traditional cakes that Wal-Mart sells include standard pound cake, carrot cake, sugar-free sponge cake, cinnamon walnut coffee cake, banana walnut coffee cake and lemon poppy coffee cake.