What Kinds of Cakes Can You Order Through Wegmans?

kinds-cakes-can-order-through-wegmans Credit: Betsie Van Der Meer/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Cakes made to order by Wegmans vary by store and cake size. Most cake sizes are available in chocolate and vanilla at every Wegmans store.

The Ultimate cake is a round cake that is available in a mini 13-to 15-ounce size and a traditional 35- to 45-ounce size. The flavors available are classic carrot with cream cheese frosting, and chocolate and white cake with chocolate or classic white frosting. Chocolate and white cakes are also available in sheet cake sizes.

Wegmans's Celebration cake is available in chocolate, vanilla and marble flavors. Sizes available include 1-and 2-layer round cakes, a 1/8th sheet cake, 1/4 sheet cake, 1/2 sheet cake and full-sheet cakes. Layered cakes, which includes all sheet cakes, have a variety of filling options, including frosting of choice, chocolate, fresh fruit and fruit jams. For a half or full sheet cake, the cake flavors can be split for a half-chocolate, half vanilla cake. These cakes can be frosted with whipped frosting or butter cream frosting.

The cake flavors, fillings, and frosting choices can be mixed and matched. These cakes are customizable. The consumer can choose to have writing, bakery-made decorations, or licensed images applied to these cakes. All-natural or traditional dye can be used for decorations and writing.

Wegmans also makes and decorates cookie cakes and cupcakes to order. Exact specifications may vary by store, and orders are placed at the store bakery or by calling the store bakery, as of 2015.