What Kind of Stores Sell Zwieback Toast and Biscuits?

As of 2015, zwieback toast and biscuits can be purchased from grocery stores such as Kroger. This product may be located near the bakery section or near the boxed crackers and chips.

There are 2,631 Kroger supermarkets located in 34 states, and the nearest locations can be found on the company site with the store locator. Kroger stores carry a wide variety of food and ingredients. Most local supermarkets carry a brand or two of the zwieback toast.

Zwieback is a type of dry biscuit or hard bread that has been baked twice. This food originated in Germany in the area of East Prussia. The toast, biscuits and bread are sweetened breads made with eggs. The thick slices are crisp and crunchy and are very similar to melba toast.

Due to its hard texture, zwieback toast and biscuits are often given to children who are cutting teeth, as it soothes the gums. Brands of the product are made specifically for small children.

Recipes for homemade zwieback toast are available online. Recipes call for simple and easy-to-find ingredients but are slightly time-consuming to prepare due to the fact they are baked in the oven twice.