What Kind of Recipes Are in the Infrared Grill Cookbook?


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Most infrared grills come with a cooking guide, but there are also cookbooks on the subject. One of the most commonly referenced grilling cookbooks is "Everybody Grills!" As of 2015, the book is sold on the publisher's website, Charbroil.com, as well as book retailers, like Amazon.com. The book contains over 250 recipes for appetizers, entrées, sides and desserts. An Amazon reviewer lists "Greek Beef Salad" and "Uncle Jim's Time-Tested Grilled Corn" as personal favorites from the cookbook.

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There are several popular brands of infrared grills, including Char-Broil, Broilmaster, TEC and Weber. Users of outdoor and tabletop infrared grills report the ability to evenly sear the outside of meat and poultry, while leaving the center juicy and tender. Infrared grills are very popular with steak lovers because the intense heat sears steak quickly and creates a crisp outer crust that traps the natural juices inside the meat. Food is cooked at a higher temperature using radiant heat technology for a shorter amount of time. An ear of corn brushed with butter, lime and chile powder cooks in less than 3 minutes, and a butter- and garlic-coated Fillet Mignon cooks in less than 15 minutes, according to the makers of the Solaire infrared grill.

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