What Kind of Food Do Eskimos Eat?

The diet of the Eskimo consists of animals that can be found in the cold Arctic region in which they live. This includes animals in the sea and on land. Seals, caribou, Arctic hares, polar bears, fish and a variety of Arctic birds are among the animals hunted for food. The modern Eskimo diet consists of the same items, but is often supplemented with more modern convenience foods.

The word "Eskimo" means "eater of raw meat," though the Eskimo prefer the name Inuit. Eskimos often eat their food raw due to the lack of cooking fuel, though modern conveniences have made fuel more accessible.

The Eskimo diet varies according to the season. During the winter, the focus is on hunting animals in the sea. Harsh winds and large accumulations of snow on the land make it difficult to hunt land animals at this time. Eskimos bore holes in the ice and catch fish. They also hunt seal in the winter. In warmer months, land animals are easier to hunt and become the prey. Sometimes berries can be found in these warmer days to supplement the Eskimo diet. A favorite dish among the Eskimo is akutok, a dish prepared with Arctic berries, seal oil and caribou meat.