What Kind of Food Did the Paleo Indians Eat?

The Paleo Indians were hunters and gatherers, so their food consisted of what they found where they were living, including fish, birds, small game, fruits and berries. Some Paleo Indians lived in productive areas allowing them to stay in the same region most of their lives. Others lived in less productive regions, and the search for food forced them to move often.

The Paleo Indians lived primarily in what is now the southwest United States. They remained there until approximately 6500 B.C. Archaeologists have also found remains from this group of people spread across the Americas. As their population grew and the climate began to put pressure on the existing food supplies, the lack of food forced them to look for additional ways to meet their growing nutritional needs. As their tools improved, the group began hunting larger game, such as the mountain sheep, the woolly mammoth and camels that once lived in the region. Regardless of where the Paleo Indians lived, scientists have found similar pottery and tools, suggesting that they had similar habits and prepared their meals in similar ways. In addition, there is evidence, such as obsidian native to Utah found in New Mexico, indicating that traders from the Paleo Indian groups often transported goods from one region to another