What Kind of Flavors Can You Use for Jello Poke Cake?


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Raspberry, strawberry, lemon, orange, lime, cherry or berry blue Jell-O gelatin can be used to prepare poke cake. Jell-O instant pudding flavors such as chocolate, vanilla or coconut can be used to make poke cake as well.

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Kraft Recipes recommends experimenting with different combinations of cake and gelatin mix flavors. For example, try making a poke cake using orange Jell-O and layers of spice cake. You can also combine chocolate cake with cherry-flavored gelatin or make a poke cake using white cake and strawberry Jell-O. For Jell-O instant pudding poke cakes, white cake with butterscotch pudding, chocolate cake with banana cream pudding and yellow cake mix with pistachio pudding are good variations, according to Kraft Recipes.

Some poke cakes use two or more Jell-O flavors. For example, a classic holiday poke cake consists of two layers of white cake. One has a lime gelatin filling, and the other has a raspberry gelatin filling. A rainbow poke cake can be made using any rainbow-themed combination of gelatin flavors such as raspberry, orange, lemon, lime and berry blue. Holiday-themed poke cakes can be made this way also. For example, you can use watermelon and berry blue gelatin with white cake to make a red, white and blue poke cake for the Fourth of July.

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