What Kind of Cookies Does the Sunshine Cookie Company Make?


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The Sunshine Cookie Company makes several varieties of cookies, including cherry and dark chocolate with almonds, cranberry and dark chocolate with walnuts, dark chocolate with walnuts, and peanut butter and dark chocolate with peanuts. Other types of cookies include ginger and lemon with pecans, carrot and date with walnuts, and figs and nuts.

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The Sunshine Cookie Company's goal is to bake delicious, flavorful gourmet cookies with healthy ingredients. Sunshine Cookie Company's cookies contain all natural, antioxidant-rich ingredients, such as stone ground whole wheat flour, fresh eggs, sweet creamery butter, pure vanilla and pure cane brown sugar. Some of the cookies also contain whole oats, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate and dried fruit. As of 2015, customers can purchase cookies at the Rancho San Diego Farmer's Market or by visiting the company's website.

Another company with a similar name, Sunshine Biscuits, made several varieties of cookies, including Hydrox, Chip-A-Roos, Golden Raisin Biscuits, Chocolate Nugget cookies and Lemon Coolers. Many of Sunshine Biscuits' products were discontinued after the Keebler Company purchased Sunshine Biscuits in 1996. Hydrox cookies returned in limited quantities in 2008. As of 2015, some products still carry the Sunshine brand, such as Cheez-It snack crackers, Krispy saltine crackers and Hi-Ho crackers.

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