What Kind of Coffee Blend Does McDonald's Serve?

McDonald's fast food chain branches serve Gavina Gourmet Coffee blend, according to the company's website. A 2009 LA Times report, however, says that Distant Lands Coffee is McDonald's biggest of the three coffee suppliers for the chain, with the other two being S&D Coffee, Inc. and Gavina.

Gavina Gourmet Coffee is a California-based coffee importer and roaster founded by Jose Maria and Pedro Gavina in 1870 in the city of Trinidad, Cuba. The family-owned company went stateside in 1959 and established F. Gavina and Sons in Vernon, California.

The Gavina company's collaboration with McDonald's began in 1983 when the coffee company started selling its coffee to a few Southern California McDonald's branches. In 2005, Gavina created a stronger blend for McDonald's, which reportedly spurred an increase in the burger chain's coffee sales. The McDonald's website credits the Gavina training program in teaching their employees to brew "great coffee."

In 2009, the McDonald's company signed on Distant Lands Coffee to become its largest coffee supplier. The partnership of McDonald's with Distant Lands came with the launch of the McCafe program venture of the burger chain. Distant Lands is based in Renton, Washington and also lists Safeway, Inc. as one of its clients.