What Kind of Beer Is on the Tilted Kilt's Bar Menu?


As of September 2015, Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery menu lists draught and bottled beer, as well as beer cocktails. Examples of beers that Tilted Kilt bars typically have on tap are Blue Moon, Guinness, Leggy Lass IPA, Samuel Adams, Heineken and Newcastle Brown Ale. Light draught beers include Bud, Coors and Miller. The pubs also serve several bottled beers, such as Corona Extra, Magic Hat #9, Green Flash Le Freak, gluten-free Omission Lager and non-alcoholic Buckler.

Some of the Tilted Kilt's beer cocktails are Black and Tan, with Guinness and a pale ale, and Lemon Aide, with Cointreau, freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar cane syrup and Blue Moon. A general availability list of beer at Titled Kilt locations is available on the pub's website. From the homepage, the Menu tab connects to a Drinks button, which includes the beer listing.

The exact draught being served at any Tilted Kilt depends upon availability. In addition, individual pubs offer locally made beer. Consumers are able to access these lists from the company's homepage. The Locations tab allows a user to search by city and state or ZIP code.

Nearby Tilted Kilt pubs appear on a map. Clicking on a location provides access to the local website. There, a link connects to What's On Tap. The next page lists the draught beers at the local pub. The list is sortable by type, such as lager, ale, stout and wheat.