What Are Some Kid-Friendly Japanese Foods?


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Okonomiyaki, sushi and bento boxes are some kid-friendly Japanese foods. Children enjoy preparing sushi with adult supervision, and bento boxes are a suitable option for school lunches.

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Okonomiyaki is a savory fried pancake traditionally made with cabbage, meat and seafood in batter. The batter for the pancake is made from eggs, flour, cornstarch and water. The recipe for an Okonomiyaki Boy on Web-Japan.org features a filling of cabbage, potato, shrimp and thinly sliced meat. Kids can draw a face on the pancake using cheese, mushrooms and mayonnaise.

SuperHealthyKids.com offers a recipe for kid-friendly sushi. While sushi is traditionally made with raw fish, this recipe uses rice, vegetables and canned tuna; children can add or omit fillings as they please. For children who are reluctant to eat seaweed, soy wrappers may be used to roll the sushi. Children can participate in this recipe by helping to spread the rice over the wrappers and add the filling. An adult should cut the sushi into bite-sized rolls.

Bento boxes are a traditional Japanese type of packed lunch or snack. Bento boxes provide child-sized portions and are often prepared in a visually pleasing manner by cutting vegetables into shapes and using formed or colored rice.

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