How Does a KFC Menu Compare to Its Competitors?


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As indicated by Time magazine, notable competitors for KFC include Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. Compared to these fast-food chicken restaurants in the United States, KFC's menu is limited and focuses mostly on fried chicken.

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KFC's menu is comparatively simple and focused on chicken. Items on offer include classic fried chicken, as well as chicken strips, popcorn chicken and fried chicken sandwiches. Aside from their mainstay of fried chicken, KFC also offers pot pies and their "Famous Bowl" of topping-laden mashed potatoes.

The menu for Popeyes chicken is similar to KFC's menu, but Popeyes is more focused on southern-style cooking, offering sides dishes of jambalaya, Cajun rice and Cajun fries. This chain also offers fried shrimp and fish as a protein alternative to chicken, while KFC uses only chicken. Popeyes' "Live Well" menu displays choices from the regular menu that are less than 350 calories. KFC displays nutritional information for its menu items, but does not specify any low-calorie options.

Chick-fil-A has a more diverse menu than KFC or Popeyes. Chick-fil-A restaurants offer a selection of healthier options, including salads and grilled chicken wraps. Their sides include chicken soup and a fruit cup, while mashed potatoes are absent. The chain also offers breakfast foods, such as biscuit sandwiches, yogurt and oatmeal.

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