What Are Some Key Ingredients in Making Homemade Almond Joy Candies?


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Almond Joy candies consist of three main ingredients: sweetened coconut, toasted almonds and chocolate. The coconut serves as the main base of the candy, and the toasted almonds are arranged in a row on top before the whole thing is coated in a layer of chocolate. To make these candies at home, cooks should gather coconut, sweetener, toasted or roasted almonds, and milk chocolate or coating chocolate.

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Some cooks may want to add additional ingredients, including flavoring, such as vanilla extract, and binding sweeteners, such as sweetened condensed milk, to give the coconut an added flavor dimension and texture.

There are two slightly different potential approaches to making imitation Almond Joy candies at home. One involves a minimal slate of ingredients: finely shredded sweetened coconut, light corn syrup, chocolate and roasted, salted almonds. The other approach includes more ingredients: sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, salt, confectioner's sugar, sweetened flaked coconut, toasted almonds and chocolate.

The process of assembling the candies is similar in both cases. Mix the coconut, sweeteners and flavoring ingredients together while setting the chocolate and almonds aside for later. After compacting the coconut and either cutting or forming it into rectangles, the coconut mixture chills in the freezer or refrigerator. Then, press the almonds into the coconut and add chocolate coating over the top and onto the bottom of the candies.

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