Is the Keurig K-Cup System Better Than the Keurig Vue System?

The Keurig Vue system is an updated version of the K-Cup system, Keurig's original coffee pod brewing system. The two systems share many similarities, but the Vue system has more advanced options. Those who want the most up-to-date system for brewing coffee may prefer the Keurig Vue system.

Both Keurig systems use a pod-like brewing system for faster and more convenient brewed cups of coffee. The K-Cup system uses the original K-cup design. The Vue system brews coffee using an updated version of the K-Cup, called a Vue Pod. Both options come in a variety of brands and flavors, with hot chocolate and tea options also available

The K-Cup system typically offers three to five different size options, brewing anywhere from 6 to 12 ounces of coffee. The Vue System offers eight different size options, allowing brewing of up to 18 ounces, or the size of a standard travel mug. Many K-cup brewing systems have a digital LCD screen, often with buttons used to select brewing preferences. The Vue system offers a programmable touch screen for setting brewing preferences.

As of 2015, Keurig recently introduced a new feature on the Vue Brewing System: the ability to choose the temperature at which the coffee is brewed. Several different heating options are available, ranging all the way up to extra hot.