How Do You Keep Flies Away From Food?

Strict cleanliness, separation of preparation areas and trash, and the use of commercial or herbal repellents are the easiest ways to reduce fly nuisance. Flies are often unwanted guests at any gathering where there is food, however, keeping areas clean and food covered can help keep flies away inside and out.

  1. Keep things clean inside

    Prevent flies and fruit flies from proliferating inside by keeping the kitchen tidy. Don't leave dirty dishes out, wash counters with warm soapy water often and keep sinks and drains clean and flowing smoothly. Pour hot water down the drain to prevent flies from swarming around the drains. Regularly take the trash out to keep flies at bay.

  2. Set food up in an ideal location outside

    Flies are less likely to be a bother outdoors if there is a breeze. Set up tables with food in areas where a breeze is blowing. Keep food away from trees and tall hedges where flies can find refuge. Keep trash receptacles well away from food, and place trash cans away from areas where people will congregate to keep the pests from bothering people.

  3. Repel flies with scents

    Strong smells will keep flies away. Outdoors, keep food near an herb garden filled with rosemary, thyme or garlic. Indoors, place these herbs in vases, and use as decorations and fly repellents. Citronella candles or torches will help keep flies and other pests away outside, but remember never to use them indoors.