How Do You Keep a Beer Keg Cold?

Typically, a keg of beer is stored in a refrigerated container or stored on ice to keep it chilled. Some modern options to keep a beer keg cold include a kegerator, a Super Cooler, a KegSkin or a Keg Koozy. These specialty coolers insulate the keg for hours.

Kegerators allow beer enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite draft beer the way the brewer intended: icy cold and straight out of the tap. Super Coolers use blown-in-place insulation to keep the draft beer frosty with zero condensation and minimal ice melt. Keg Skins are less expensive and more convenient than coolers: According to the product's website, they can insulate a keg for up to 6 hours without requiring any ice. Keg Skins are also easy to transport and customize for parties and celebrations.