What Are Some Jose Fernandez Diet Recipes?


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The Spanish trainer, Jose Fernandez, offers a simple but effective diet plan that focuses on protein shakes, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, limiting sugar and increasing water. Appearing in People magazine's publication geared towards its Spanish-speaking readers, People en Espanol, Jose lays out a week-long, rigid diet plan with basic recipes.

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There are several recipe combinations from Jose Fernandez's week-long diet plan that include six small meals every day. Meal one should include a protein shake mixed with water. Meal two should include one type of protein and one type of complex carbohydrate. Meal three should involve one protein, one carbohydrate and one cup of vegetables. Meal four is a protein bar - containing 15 carbohydrates and no more than five grams of sugar.

Meal five is one type of protein, two cups of vegetables and no carbohydrates. The sixth and final meal should be another protein shake. Men should drink a gallon of water per day, while women should focus on three liters. For proteins, the focus should be on egg whites, chicken breast, tuna fish in water and tofu. The only focus with vegetables is that they should be green. Carbs should be pita bread, potatoes, corn, rice and pasta.

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