How Do Jimmy John's Prices Compare to Other Sandwich Shops?


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Jimmy John's prices are fair in comparison to other sandwich shops. The quality of its meats, vegetables and breads, as well as its generous portions, make Jimmy John's a good overall value.

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Cost variables at restaurants such as Jimmy John's and Subway are based on sandwich size. Jimmy John's, for example, sells 8-inch sandwiches that come in a standard or giant club size; prices for these sizes are streamlined. Subway features 6 and 12-inch sandwiches, and the total quantity of ingredients vary based on customer preference. Ingredient types factor into the cost of Subway sandwiches. For example, a roast beef or chicken sandwich typically costs more than a vegetarian offering.

Given the quality of ingredients found in Jimmy John's sandwiches, its products represent a good value. Jimmy John's subs feature fresh meats such as smoked ham, turkey, tuna and roast beef, according to the official website. Vegetable options include lettuce, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers and onions. Subway offers a greater variety of meats, vegetables and cheeses than Jimmy John's, but its ingredients are typically pre-packaged, which leads to a processed taste. Subway also features a greater variety of bread than Jimmy John's, but Jimmy John's is widely regarded for its freshly-baked French and whole grain options.

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