What Do Japanese People Eat for Dinner?

japanese-people-eat-dinner Credit: weareadventurers/E+/Getty Images

Most Japanese people still eat traditional Japanese food for dinner, but eating habits are beginning to change with some foreign food becoming more popular as of December 2014. A typical Japanese dinner includes staples such as rice, noodles and seafood as well as more modern additions such as meat.

Sticky, short-grained rice remains the most important part of a Japanese dinner, even though its popularity has decreased over recent years. Rice is also used to make dinner items such as rice cakes and crackers.

Ramen is a wheat-noodle dish that is usually served in a warm broth, flavored with soy sauce and topped with raw egg or deep-fried tofu. Another noodle dish, known as soba, is served cold with sliced green onions and wasabi.

Seafood plays an important part in all Japanese food and is prepared and eaten in a variety of ways. Sashimi and sushi are both popular fish dishes that are served raw, seasoned with vinegar or soy sauce and eaten with wasabi. Yakizakana is another popular dinner dish, and its name is translated as grilled fish. Mackerel and salmon are two types of fish that are typically prepared in this way.

Although not a traditional Japanese ingredient, meat has recently become an important part of the Japanese diet. Grilled and barbecued chicken, referred to as yakiniku, and a beef dish known as gyudon, are now popular dishes found on the Japanese dinner table.