What Does Jagermeister Taste Like?

jagermeister-taste-like Credit: sandsun/E+/Getty Images

Some people compare Jägermeister liqueur's spicy herbal flavor to black liquorice. Jägermeister has a nose of cloves, cinnamon, ginger and menthol with hints of cardamom and allspice.

The bitter liquor is a German import featuring 56 spices, herbs and fruits. Bars serve Jägermeister chilled, either from a refrigerator or from specialized Jäger Tap Machines. The name "Jägermeister" means "hunt-master" in German. It refers to the German legend of Hubertas, who saw a grand stag with a cross floating between his antlers during a hunt after his wife died. After giving away his possessions and founding monasteries, Hubertas became the patron saint of hunters. A stag with a cross between his antlers serves as the Jägermeister logo.