What Are Some Items Sold by HoneyBaked Hams Online?

What Are Some Items Sold by HoneyBaked Hams Online?

The HoneyBaked Ham Company sells baked hams, meals, whole cooked turkeys and various cuts of cooked beef online. Hams from the HoneyBaked Ham Company are smoked for 20 hours and covered with a spiced glaze. The hams are spiral sliced using the HoneyBaked Ham Company's own technique to make serving easier.

The HoneyBaked Ham Company's ham meals include hams with extra items such as Swiss cheese, cheesecake and soup. A selection of mini hams rounds out the range of ham products.

The company's oven roasted turkey breasts are available individually or as part of a package. Smoked turkey breasts are also available. Packages that feature turkey include the Gourmet Duo and the Royal Feast, as of 2016.

Whole turkeys are available in roasted, smoked and deep-fried varieties. Two kinds of turkey dinner are available, along with a Cajun turkey.

The HoneyBaked Ham Company's beef products include prime rib, brisket and pot roast. Several steaks are available, and some are part of options such as the Prime of Your Life Platter. A range of ribs and porknloins rounds out the HoneyBaked Ham Company's selection of meat products.

Gift cards and gift baskets, as well as side dishes and desserts, are available from the company's online store.