What Are Some Items Offered on Kroger Deli Meat Trays?

What Are Some Items Offered on Kroger Deli Meat Trays?

Kroger offers a variety of meat-based party platters, including a cubed meat and cheese platter with turkey and ham, a deli meat and cheese platter with Private Selection oven-roasted turkey, smokehouse ham and roast beef. They also have an Italian meats platter featuring salami and pepperoni.

Deli meat tray options vary by Kroger location. Instead of visiting the website for each individual store, it might be faster to visit cateringmenuprices.com, which lists the full range of Kroger's meat tray options, including prices. Starting here gives shoppers the big-picture overview of Kroger's complete selection.

In addition to the meat trays previously listed, cateringmenuprices.com shows a variety of premium Boar's Head meat offerings available at select Kroger stores. These include Boar's Head Oven-gold roasted turkey breast. The Boar's Head Sweet Slice Ham tray features boneless, smoked ham. The Chicken Quartet tray is a blend of four popular chicken breast offerings. The Spicy and Savory platter features spiced chicken and turkey choices.

The Crowd Pleaser is a blend of Boar's Head Ovengold Turkey Breast, Deluxe Roast Beef and Black Forest Brand Ham. The Boar's Head Italian Antipasto tray features pepperoni, Blanco D'Oro Salame and Peppered Salame,

Once a selection is made from the cateringmenuprices.com website, visit the Kroger store finder to see if the local store carries the product.