What Are Some Items on the Costco Catering Menu?

Costo offers a large variety of items on its catering menu, including high-quality cheeses, caviar and smoked and cured meats. It also has a selection of deli trays, pizza and hot dogs.

Costco's deli trays include a prawn platter and several meat and cheese platters, such as beef and cheese, turkey and cheese, cheese and tomato, and ham and cheese. The company also offers a chicken wing platter and a sandwich platter consisting of an assortment of chicken salad, egg salad, roast beef and cheese, and ham and cheese sandwiches.

Costco's caviar menu includes eight options, ranging from the highest-priced Plaza Golden Osetra farmed Bulgarian sturgeon caviar to a less expensive farmed white sturgeon Plaza Royale caviar. It's cheese options include 24-month aged parmigiana reggiano, chevre, blue cheese, cheddar and an assortment of collections, including an ultra-gourmet gift collection with wild boar salami.

In the way of cured meats, Costco offers several types of ham, salami and prosciutto, including an antibiotic-free uncured slab.The catering menu also features a gift pack of smoked sockeye salmon and several samplers.

Costo's pizza and hot-dog menu includes cheese, pepperoni and supreme pizzas. It also features hot dogs and polish sausages, salads and chicken bake. Barbeque-brisket and hot turkey and provolone sandwiches are available as well.