What Are Some Items That Can Be in a Japanese Candy Kit?


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Most Japanese candy kits include powdered ingredients, plastic mixing dishes and disposable utensils. The user adds water, mixes and molds the powders, and decorates the final product.

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Japanese candy kits require mixing components and applying water and heat in a specific order to reach the desired outcome. The kits are only sold in Japan with Japanese instructions. Users can find English instructions online at Popin-Cookin.com.

Some kits include various decorative components, such as the Popin' Cookin' ramen and gyoza kit that includes pastel-colored sprinkles. The ice cream kit from the same brand comes with decorative wafers and small candies. Another example is the Happy Kitchen pizza kit that includes toppings, such as real dehydrated peas, corn and mozzarella cheese.

The Japanese company Kracie makes two popular Japanese candy kit brands: Popin' Cookin' and Happy Kitchen. Both kits feature savory and sweet foods in both Asian and Western traditions. For instance, Happy Kitchen features kits to make hamburgers, pizza, donuts, soft cookies and cakes. Popin' Cookin' features kits for sushi, curry, ramen, gummy candies and cakes. The Happy Kitchen kits generally taste true to the original food, while the Popin' Cookin' kits taste like gummy candy and have only a superficial resemblance to the original food.

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