What Is an Italian Wine to Serve With Lasagna?


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According to Paula Barker, there are a variety of Italian wines to choose from to complement lasagna. The right choice of wine will depend on the style of the meal as the flavor of the wine should complement and balance the meal's flavors.

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Because there are a variety of ways to make and enjoy a lasagna dish, varied wines will complement each. Fiona Beckett writes that the wine to choose depends on the type of lasagna dish being served. For classic lasagna, full-bodied versions of cabernet sauvignon or a syrah or malbec are best. For vegetarian lasagna with roasted vegetables, Languedoc or Roussillon red are good choices. However, if the vegetarian lasagna contains spinach or chard, a dry Italian white wine would be best.

Chef Julie Tan suggests pairing chardonnay with lasagna as the acid helps to cut the richness of the various cheeses used in the dish. According to Chef Sir Roy J. SaIazar, a grenache-based wine can add a slight sweetness to help balance out the dish as well as to cut the rich flavors of the cheeses. Gina Cook writes that when it comes to choosing a wine to go with any Italian dish, the best option is to think Italian.

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