Who Invented Chocolate Pecan Pie?


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Recipes for chocolate pecan pie started appearing in cookbooks between 1925 and 1940, although no one knows exactly who invented the pie. Chocolate pecan pie is a variation on standard pecan pie, which might have been invented in the 18th century.

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Some food historians theorize that the origin of pecan pie traces back to French settlers in New Orleans. The Native Americans introduced pecans to French settlers after they arrived in the area in the 1700s. These settlers then used the new ingredient in their pies. Another theory postulates that pecan pie originated with a Ms. B who sent a Texan pecan pie recipe to "The Ladies' Home Journal" in 1898. Karo, the company that produces the corn syrup most often used to bake pecan pie, popularized pecan pie in the 1930s.

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