Who Invented Bacon?

invented-bacon Credit: jeffreyw/CC-BY-2.0

No single person invented bacon, but the first records of cured pork originate in ancient China. The word “bacon” was used starting in the 17th century to refer to any type of salted and smoked pork belly.

The beginning of the word comes from older French and German words meaning the back of a pig. The word “bacon” in its present form started in 16th century England to mean any type of pork. It later evolved to mean smoked and salted pork. In terms of the actual process of adding salt to pork, which is the most basic quality of bacon, the ancient Chinese were the first to invent bacon, and there are records of this type of early bacon as early as 1500 B.C.E.

The ancient Romans also had a type of bacon that came from a pig’s shoulder. The Romans would boil this dish with dried figs and then serve it with wine. The Anglo-Saxons consumed a lot of bacon-like foods throughout the Middle Ages. During World War II, when food was rationed, bacon was more important since many butchers would donate it. It is actually possible to use bacon to create devices that cause fires, and bacon was sometimes used directly in weapons throughout history.