What Are Some Interesting Facts About Jackfruit?


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One of the most interesting facts about jackfruit is that it is the largest known tree-borne fruit in the world as of 2015. Jackfruit is a large fruit that can weigh anywhere from 10 to 150 pounds at harvest.

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Jackfruit has become a crucially important crop in the Bangladeshi economy as of 2015. The prominence of the fruit comes as a result of its combination of versatility and high yield. Jackfruits can grow as large as 150 pounds, and trees can be harvested twice a year. For this reason, the jackfruit's yield is much larger, and therefore much more profitable, than any other crop in Bangladesh.

Additionally, jackfruit can be used in a wide variety of applications depending on its ripeness and preparation. Ripened jackfruit has a fruity and sweet flavor and can be consumed raw. Unripened jackfruit resembles a potato and can be used as a protein substitute in many situations. For instance, jackfruit can be used to create a pulled-pork substitute that is completely vegan.

Jackfruit trees themselves produce a number of valuable by-products as well. For instance, leaves can feed livestock, the ground bark makes an orange-tinted dye, and the trees produce a latex-type sap that works as an adhesive.

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