How Do You Install a Cabinet-Mounted Coffee Maker?


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To install a cabinet-mounted coffee maker, the owner chooses a good location under the kitchen cabinet, one that is near to an electrical outlet and water supply point. Then, the required number of screw holes are drilled, the bracket is positioned into place, and the coffee maker fitted onto it.

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A good location for a cabinet-mounted coffee maker is one that does not hinder the use of other appliances or cabinets in the kitchen. Also, locating the unit near to a water supply point and electrical outlet minimizes the electrical cord and water supply line length required.

Once a good location is chosen, the owner positions the bracket in place and marks the screw holes with a pencil. Using an electric drill, the required number of holes are drilled, and then the bracket is secured. Following this process, the coffee maker unit is fitted onto the bracket taking care to run its electrical cord from behind. Any excess cord is tied up and preferably hid underneath the cabinet. The carafe of the coffee maker is now placed on the unit.

Finally, the owner connects the water supply line to the coffee maker keeping the water supply line out of sight. It is also prudent to read the manufacturer's installation instructions for specific details while fitting the coffee maker.

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