How Do You Inject a Turkey?

Inject a turkey using a special meat injector and flavoring liquid. Fill the meat injector with the flavoring liquid, and inject the turkey through puncture holes to distribute the flavor over as much of the meat as possible.

  1. Prepare the turkey

    Place the turkey in a roasting pan or other large pan breast-side up.

  2. Fill the meat injector

    Push the plunger on the injector all the way down to the bottom of the syringe. Place the tip of the injector into the flavoring liquid, and pull the plunger back to draw liquid into the syringe.

  3. Inject the turkey

    Insert the tip of the syringe into one side of the turkey breast, and squeeze a bit of the liquid into the meat. Slowly pull the syringe back, and reposition it in another part of the breast using the same puncture hole. Squeeze more of the liquid into that section. Continue the same process two or three more times in that side of the breast, and move the syringe to the other breast. Inject the thighs and legs in the same manner as the breasts, using as few puncture holes as possible.

  4. Let it rest

    Cover the turkey, and refrigerate it overnight before cooking.