What Are the Ingredients in V8 Juice?


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Original V8 juice consists of a mixture of water and reconstituted vegetable juice made from tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach. The juice also contains less than 2 percent salt, vitamin C, natural flavoring and citric acid.

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V8 produces several different flavors of vegetable juice, including Spicy Hot, Lime, Black Pepper and Harvest, which is made from vine-ripened tomatoes instead of concentrate. There are also variations on the original V8 juice blend with added extras such as fruit, vitamins and energy additives. These include V8 Veggie Blends, V8 V-Fusion, V8 V-Fusion + Energy, V8 Vegetable Juice Cocktails and V8 Splash. V8 also offers a low-sodium version of its vegetable juice that contains 78 percent less sodium than the original juices, for weight loss and heart health.

Original V8 is marketed as a great source of vitamins A and C and each 12-ounce bottle of V8 contains three out of five of a person's daily vegetable requirements. Most V8 juices contain only 50 calories and are naturally fat-free. Though some V8 drinks contain wheat flour, all V8 vegetable juices are gluten-free. A full list of ingredients and nutritional information about the various V8 juices can be found at V8juice.com.

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