What Are Some Ingredients Used in Unique Sweets Recipes?


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Some ingredients used in Unique Sweets recipes are baking staples such as butter, sugar, flour and eggs. Other ingredients include flavorings such as chocolate, vanilla, caramel, coffee, spices fruit spreads, nut butters and salt. Some mix-in ingredients are nuts, fruit pieces and cereal.

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Unique Sweets cookie recipes typically feature a mixture of flour, salt and leaveners that is combined with wet ingredients such as butter, eggs and flavor extracts. The cookie dough can include special flavorings such as citrus zest or spices as well as oats, nuts, candies or pieces of dried fruit. Sandwich cookie recipes often include a filling of fruit jam or frosting.

Chocolate is a key ingredient in several Unique Sweets pies, bread puddings and bar cookies. In pies and puddings, it serves as a flavoring for custard filling or as a decorative drizzle on top of the finished dessert. Cookies can be completely or partially dipped into melted chocolate for color and flavor.

Fruit is included in a variety of Unique Sweets recipes including icebox desserts, fruit pops, tarts and cupcakes. It can be cut up and served on top of a finished dessert, blended into scone or cake batter, sliced thin and layered into pies and tarts, or dipped whole into melted chocolate or caramel.

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