What Are the Ingredients in Silk Almond Milk?

What Are the Ingredients in Silk Almond Milk?


The first five ingredients in Silk unsweetened original almond milk are: filtered water, almonds, sea salt, locust bean gum and sunflower lecithin. Complete ingredient lists for all varieties of Silk are available on Silk.com.

In Silk almond milk, locust bean gum serves as a thickening agent while sunflower lecithin is an emulsifier. Both these ingredients are appropriate for vegans and vegetarians and are generally safe for regular consumption. The milk alternative also contains gellan gum - another thickening agent - and natural flavors.

The sweetened and otherwise flavored versions of Silk almond milk contain more ingredients. Silk sweetened original almond milk contains cane sugar in addition to the seven ingredients found in the unsweetened version. Silk vanilla almond milk also contains cane sugar. Silk dark chocolate almond milk contains these ingredients in addition to Dutch process cocoa powder. The chocolate almond milk contains the highest calorie content of all the varieties of Silk almond milk. The vanilla flavored almond contains a number of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals include calcium carbonate, vitamin E acetate, zinc gluconate and vitamin A palmitate.

Silk also offers a light version of their sweetened almond milk. This product contains all the same ingredients as the sweetened original version of the milk, but with a reduced amount of cane sugar.