What Ingredients Are in Salsa Verde?

What Ingredients Are in Salsa Verde?

Tomatillo, citrus, garlic, onion and cilantro are recurring ingredients in salsa verde. There is no standard recipe for salsa verde, and most recipes are flexible enough to accommodate substitutions.

Salsa verde, or green sauce, derives its green color from such ingredients as cilantro, avocado and tomatillo, also known as the Mexican husk tomato. However, any green-colored food may serve as the central ingredient of a green salsa.

For example, variations containing arugula, capers and plum tomatoes are not uncommon. Arugula and leafy green salsa verde, like basil pesto, maintain their pleasant green color when covered with a little oil. Depending on the recipe, the acidic component may be the juice or the zest of lemons or limes, or it may be vinegar.

Serrano, jalapeño and other chilis are typical ingredients, either alone or in conjunction with black pepper, garlic and other aromatics. Bread crumbs are a viable option for those who like a bit of texture to their salsa.

Preparation of the ingredients can also influence the texture of the finished salsa verde. Some recipes call for incorporating all the ingredients in a food processor, but rough chopping everything and mixing it by hand results in a chunkier salsa verde.