What Ingredients Are in a Recipe for Pepper Steak?


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Pepper steak is make by combining strips of beef, Teriyaki sauce, green pepper and onions in a wok or skillet and stir frying. Pepper steak can be served over rice or chow or lo mein noodles.

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What Ingredients Are in a Recipe for Pepper Steak?
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Many types of beef are used in making pepper steak. The meat is cut in to bite sized strips or cubes. Two tablespoons of vegetable oil are added to a wok or skillet over medium heat. The cook adds the meat to the oil and cooks it until the meat is browned.

Any access oil is drained from the browned meat, and 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and 1/4 cup of Teriyaki sauce is added to the meat. One cup each of green pepper and onion, cut into bite-size pieces, is added to the meat and cooked until the vegetables are tender. If desired, one chopped tomato can be added to the meat and vegetables and cooked for five minutes. Some cooks add one can of drained water chestnuts or bamboo shoots to the pepper steak.

White rice, fried rice or lo mein noodles can be prepared while the pepper steak is cooking. When the pepper steak is finished, serve it on top of the rice or noodles.

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