What Are the Ingredients in Orange Juice?

Pure orange juice is made only from oranges, which are squeezed to extract the juice and some of the pulp. However, even most commercial brands that claim 100-percent orange juice, never from concentrate, use extra processing for wide-scale distribution, reports The Huffington Post.

Brands that advertise 100-percent orange juice utilize a process that removes oxygen from the orange juice to keep it fresh for longer periods. However this also removes much of the flavor from orange juice, which the companies add back into the juice before sale using flavor packs developed and processed by fragrance companies. The industry states that these flavor packs are only made from orange products, such as orange aroma and orange oil. Orange juice is also pasteurized for safety.

Many other brands of orange juice often contain other ingredients. Brands that claim juice content without stating an amount may be mostly made from water, sugar and artificial flavors. The FDA requires almost all food products in the United States to carry food labels, which list all ingredients in a product.

Pure orange juice is barely more nutritional than soft drinks, reports The Atlantic, and is filled with just as much sugar, which is found naturally in fruit. Some governments, such as the United Kingdom, are considering taxing fruit juices to discourage extra consumption, as of 2014.