What Are the Ingredients Needed to Make Copycat Poo-Pourri?


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The ingredients needed to make a Poo-Pourri spray at home include water, 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and 30 to 40 drops of an essential oil. It is also necessary to have a 2- to 3-ounce spray bottle.

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Start by pouring the rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle. Next, add the essential oils of your choice. Multiple oils can be combined for a unique scent but are also effective alone. Add water to the rest of the bottle. The alcohol binds the oil to the water so that it doesn't separate when the bottle is still. This means the bottle does not need to be shaken at every use.

Popular brand Poo-Pourri can be replicated easily because it is just a compound of water and essential oils. The oils create a layer on the toilet water that traps stinky smells under it. It only takes three to four sprays of the mixture for each use.

Young Living and doTERRA are just a few companies that sell complete lines of essential oils. Some popular oil combinations are lemongrass and peppermint, pine and cedar, lavender and jasmine and clove and nutmeg. Many of these combinations replicate the scents of the Poo-Pourri brand.

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