What Ingredients Are Needed to Make a Cold Corn Salad?


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A cold corn salad might include onion, leek, bell pepper and cherry tomatoes. Two or three vegetables paired with the corn are sufficient. Some kind of acid, such as cider vinegar or lemon juice, helps keep the salad fresh while augmenting its flavors. Fresh herbs lend depth of flavor.

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What Ingredients Are Needed to Make a Cold Corn Salad?
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Chefs use cooked or uncooked corn when making cold corn salad. Boil fresh ears of corn, cut corn kernels from fresh uncooked cobs and sauté the kernels or leave them raw. When corn is in season during June through September, raw corn kernels are sweet, tender and edible without being cooked.

Leeks, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and sweet onions do not require sauteing before tossing them in a salad either, but doing so softens their texture slightly. Combine vegetables of different colors, such as cucumbers and orange bell peppers. Introduce a touch of dark green, such as arugula or spinach.

Dress cold corn salad with an olive oil and red wine vinaigrette, or with a mixture of sugar dissolved in vinegar. Give the dressing some heat with a dash of black pepper or red chili flakes. Salt to taste. Fresh parsley and basil are two herbs that occur in many different cold corn salad recipes. Cold corn salad may include pasta, usually a small shape of some kind, such as medium-sized shells.

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