What Ingredients Are Needed for a Curry Chicken Recipe?


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Curried chicken recipes typically call for chicken, curry powder, onion, vegetables and additional seasonings. Some versions use coconut milk to give the dish a creamy texture, while others suggest dairy, such as yogurt.

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What Ingredients Are Needed for a Curry Chicken Recipe?
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ATasteOfHome.com offers a creamy curried chicken recipe that uses tomato paste, spinach and fresh tomato. It suggests sauteeing the chicken and onion with spices until the meat is cooked through, then pouring in coconut milk and the tomato paste. Once the liquid has thickened, the cook adds the vegetables and simmers the dish until the spinach is wilted. The recipe recommends serving the curry over rice.

OnceUponAChef.com provides an alternate version. Once the seasoned chicken has been browned, the cook removes it from the pan and sautees onion, garlic, ginger and curry powder. The cook dissolves cornstarch in chicken broth and adds it to the dish, cooking it gently until it thickens. The recipe directs the cook to return the chicken to the pan, along with some peas, and to simmer the dish until the chicken is cooked through. Yogurt and cilantro add a creamy herbal touch at the end of the preparation.

Although most curried chicken recipes are Indian in origin, FoodNetwork.com offers a Thai variation. The recipe suggests making a sauce of coconut milk, Thai curry paste, curry powder and spices. Serve this sauce over a dish of chicken, pasta and vegetables seasoned with peanut butter and more curry powder.

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