What Ingredients Make the Best Guacamole?


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The best guacamole includes ingredients like jalapenos, cilantro, garlic and cayenne for added flavor and zest. Recipes that are high-rated, like Alton Brown's Food Network guacamole recipe, consistently contain ingredients that add flavor to the basic mixture of avocado, salt and lime. It is also important to use good-quality avocado, since this is the main ingredient in guacamole.

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What Ingredients Make the Best Guacamole?
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The best guacamole doesn't just require fresh avocados, but a certain type of avocado called Hass. These avocados contain less water than rival kinds, which make them ideal for this popular party dip. The avocados must be ripe, soft enough for mashing, but fresh enough that they are not starting to brown.

Lime is also crucial for guacamole, either lemon or lime, adding bite and flavor to creamy, somewhat bland avocado.

Good guacamole may also contain chilies in place of jalapeno, since both peppers add flavor to the dip. Habanero or Serrano peppers are also popular choices. Fresh herbs are also considered important for the flavor. Even though cilantro is a more common choice, it's also possible to add herbs like chives and scallions.

Extra salt is another important component; it's even recommended to add more salt than one would usually mix in. Raw garlic and onion are strongly suggested to add a bite to the dip.

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