What Are Some Ingredients in Kellogg's Special K Bars?

What Are Some Ingredients in Kellogg's Special K Bars?

Ingredients in Kellogg’s Special K bars vary based on the type of bar; for example, the company’s red berries cereal bar contains rice, whole-grain wheat flakes and dried strawberries, while its chocolatey pretzel cereal bar contains chewy rice, whole-wheat flakes and pretzel pieces with chocolate icing. As of 2015, the company makes five types of bars, including cereal, protein granola, protein meal, chewy snack and chewy nut bars.

Kellogg’s makes four different protein granola bars, including chocolatey peanut butter, dark chocolate, Greek yogurt and fruit, and almond honey oat bars. In addition to its signature ingredients, each bar contains rolled oats, whole-grain wheat, rice and corn fiber.

Kellogg’s manufactures eight different protein granola bars, ranging from double chocolate to chocolatey chip and honey almond. The bars contain a mix of different ingredients, including chocolate, nuts, chocolate chips and granola. Each single-serve bar contains 10 milligrams of added protein.

Protein meal bars from Kellogg’s Special K replace an entire meal and come in eight flavors, including mocha crunch, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, double chocolate and cranberry walnut. The bars include ingredients such as walnuts, almonds, caramel, chocolate and granola.

Kellogg’s Special K chewy snack bars come in salted pretzel chocolate, berry medley, salted caramel chocolate and blueberry bliss with ingredients such as strawberries, blueberries, oats, chocolate, pretzels and granola. The brand’s chewy nut bars come in two varieties: cranberry almond and chocolate almond.